The art of the musician has a long tradition in the Tilev’s family. Georgi Tilev, Vlado’s father, is one of the most famous Bulgarian violin players. For more than 20 years he is a concertmaster of the Niederrheinische Philharmonie.

Vlado Tilev has graduated from the Musical Academy in the city of Essen, Germany, specializing in violoncello, and before that – from the Musical High School in Sofia, where he was also accepted as a student in the State Musical Academy.

He actively pursues his professional career as a luthier since 1994. Vlado Tilev has studied and practiced the master art as an assistant in the studios of renowned German masters.

What do famous and established musicians say about the master:

Professor Mincho Minchev: “Vlado Tilev is a rare combination of an excellent instrumentalist and a person, perfectly handling the luthier art. I absolutely trust him .”

Professor Dora Ivanova: “Golden hands of a big master.”

Professor Bogomil Karakonov: “The repairs made by Vlado Tilev are close to flawlessness.”

The concert master of the Bulgarian National Radio Ivan Peev: “Every instrumental player can feel calm and secure when they give their instruments to the hands of the magnificent Vlado Tilev.”

Joachim Krist, viola soloist of the WDR Radio Orchestra, Cologne: “The viola bows made by Vlado Tilev are among the best ones that I have ever seen. The two bows I bought from him are an exceptional workmanship and have excellent musical qualities.”