A French violin made in Paris by François Gavinies – 1776

with a Jean-Jacques Rampal certificate

Probably a French violin from the beginning of 1800

Probably an Austrian violin from the middle of the 19th century

Back – 362

Width – 165/112/198

Johann Michael Simman

A violin made in Mittenwald in 1784

Back – 356

Width – 164/113/201

Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin

A French violin by J. B. Collin-Mezin made in 1908

Back – 355

Width – 168/114/202

Anton Zunterer

A German violin made by Anton Zunterer in Münich during the 19th century

Back – 356

Width – 163/112/203

Anfelmus Bellofius

Probably an Italian violin with a label: “Anfelmus Bellofius”

Back – 364

Width – 169/118/209

John Betts

An English violin made by John Betts around 1800
The violin has been maintained professionally in 2015 by us.

This instrument is more than
perfect for a soloist, providing the best sound required for a musician.

An English violin

An old, probably English violin from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century with a fantastic sound and vision. No Label.
It has been serviced by a luthier in January 2015.

Back – 357

Width – 164/118/209

Francois Barzoni

A French violin made in 1910

Back – 353

Width – 167/114/201